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Nothing complements a Facebook page quite like Facebook advertising. With over £2 billion spent last year, Facebook advertising has helped businesses increase brand awareness, reach a wider audience, and drive traffic to their Facebook pages and company websites.

In addition to developing Facebook apps, tabs, and competitions, our team of Facebook marketers also provides Facebook advertising services. These services include:

1. Creating an advertising strategy: Before starting any advertising campaign, we’ll work with you to develop a long-term strategy that has measurable KPIs. We’ll also decide what type of Facebook advertising is right for your campaign, including whether you use PPC or CPM.
2. Reaching your target audience: Facebook provides targeting capabilities unlike any other online channel. Our Facebook experts will create a campaign centred on your audience, from their age and location to their interests and activities.
3. Designing effective ads: Our team will create well-designed and professionally written ads that are optimised to stand out and convert customers.
4. Implementing the campaign: We’ll take away all the hassle of running an ad campaign by implementing it and making regular adjustments to maximise results.
5. Managing a budget: Whatever your budget, we’ll make sure you get the most out of your advertising spend.
6. Monthly reporting: To make sure your ad campaign is going smoothly, we’ll provide you with monthly reports tracking its progress and recommendations.

Facebook is the online version of traditional word of mouth marketing. A recommendation on Facebook is just as effective as a recommendation from a friend over coffee.

It’s for this reason that many struggle to make Facebook advertising work in the traditional sense. On Facebook you can’t push, you can’t sell and you can’t dominate newsfeeds with ‘buy now’ and ‘click here’ messaging.

Facebook requires a sophisticated, subliminal approach. One which doesn’t sell in an obvious way but which, leads to conversions, enquiries and transactions none-the-less.

Like LinkedIn and Twitter, Facebook ads have many targeting filters to ensure that you’re only targeting your relevant audience and not wasting money targeting Porsche’s to the unemployed.

For more information on our Facebook advertising services, or to learn more about our Facebook developers and how they can help you develop Facebook competitions, tabs, and apps, please contact us.

We have successfully carried out Facebook advertising for a number of clients, enabling them to reach over 10 times their original friends/followers thanks to sponsored ads, targeting only those who are interested in their offering. Portraying them as authorities in their fields and getting involved in conversations about their industry. All this put together, leads to brand awareness, purchase and recommendations and so the cycle continues.

Only looking for Facebook advertising? Here are our Facebook only packages.



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