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Remarketing for Search

Like Display advertising but only targeted to those who have previously visited your website.

By using a special tracking code and placing cookies on the computers of people who have previously visited your site you can use remarketing to entice these users to convert – seeing as they already expressed an interest in your offering previously.

Here’s a common scenario:

  • A user clicks on your PPC in ad in Google.
  • They land on your website but for some reason don’t convert (take any desirable action: e.g. buy or complete a form).
  • The same user continues to browse the net for the same product or service, indicating they are still ‘researching’ for what they’r looking for.
  • This time when the user sees your PPC ad again, (tailored to perhaps a more engaging message – e.g. offering a discount) they are compelled to click on the ad, go through to your site again and convert.

Here’s why remarketing for search is so effective:

    • Convert browsers to buyers: A user added a dress that you sell on your website into their shopping cart but left before checking out. With display remarketing you can show an advert with the abandoned dress to that user as they browse other websites later on.
    • More brand exposure through showcasing other products and services: A user just purchased that dress from your site. Show them similar products that you sell through remarketing e.g. a jacket or shoes to go with the dress.
    • Up sell and cross sell to converted users: you’ve just sold flights to Cuba, now display ads for a hotel and tour within the vicinity too.

Remarketing lists can be set-up for both the display and search networks.


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