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Think visibility on mobiles isn’t as important as desktop? Think again.

The way we browse the Internet, search and are marketed to is changing. We don’t need to ‘wait’ to find out information; it’s literally at our fingertips.

Mobile is notoriously used in the ‘research’ phase of consumers’ purchase funnel. To many that seems like a waste, if you only want to appear for purchase or very targeted, high intent keywords, you’re missing out on hundreds of thousands of more conversions for not appearing to users who are in research mode. Once they’ve searched on mobiles and found what they’re looking for, they’ll often type in brand names into their laptops or PCs and how can they know your brand if they don’t see you during ‘research’ phase.

Whatsmore, many advertisers are not even placing ads on mobiles for their desktop keywords. If your audience is on desktop, you can be sure as hell that they’ll be on mobile too!

Here are some of the key ingredients to making PPC on mobiles work for you:

You only have three positions to chose from, make sure you appear and make it count with mobile ad copy and call to actions.

If budget is a constraint when it comes to targeting mobiles I’ll initially look to target key areas by your businesses location(s) or locations where your main users search.

Whatsmore, by only targeting your peak times of day, we can make the most of your visibility on mobiles.

To summarise, show on mobiles to get more conversions! Simples!

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