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Google analytics is a goldmine for every business. We’ve all heard of the value of data, Google analytics is literally the epitome of relevant data at your fingertips, free and accessible to all! Google analytics shows you which advertising is the most effective for your business against a variety of metrics.

By pulling various reports and presenting data in a tactical way we can work with you to form business objectives and strategies based on past performance and future projection.

We can also help set-up and synchornise Google Analytics to measure campaign conversions for example setting up Pay Per Click and Social Media goals.

For a monthly Google Analytics report which provides insights and analysis into your web traffic with opportunities and advice on implementing findings for better performance and increased profitability online, contact me now.

The Google Analytics report will include (but is not limited to) performance analysis of the following areas:

1. Sources Overview Report – where is your web traffic coming from, which area is the most profitable etc…

2. Landing Pages Report – which landing pages are performing optimally, which landing pages require improvement, what factors on the landing pages are contributing to decreased performance? Etc…

3. Goals Report – macro / micro goals analysis, what are your set goals and which goals are converting effectively, areas of profitability, room for improvement etc…

4. Conversion Funnel Reort – what is the abandonment rate? Where in the funnel to users leave? Why? Upsell, cross sell opportunities etc…

5. Multi Channel Assisted Conversions Report – which channels assist conversions? E.g. see PPC advert, research on Facebook and buy from site through Facebook link. Which channels are more like to lead to assisted conversions? Which channels need to work harder? Etc…

6. Mobile Devices Report – percentage of web traffic viewing the site through mobile? Percentage buying through mobile? How are pages performing on mobile devices? Etc…

7. In Page Analytics Report – Understanding how consumers behave on your landing pages, which percentage click where and why? How we can optimise the site to work more effectively.

8. Location Report – where is your traffic coming from in the UK and Internationally? This effects campaign targeting, content development, social startegies, SEO keywords etc…

9. Site Search Terms Report – What are the top keywords that users search on to get to the website? Is the coverage on the site for every single keyword? Which keywords have the highest and lowest conversion rates and why? Etc…


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