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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing allows other websites or mobile platforms to market your products or services and you pay a reward for every sale generated from their efforts, usually a percentage of the value of the sale they generated.

Pay marketing costs after the sale has been made
Affiliate marketing reduces the fixed outgoings of your marketing campaign, you do not have to invest a large upfront budget, you only have to pay out when you know you have generated a sale.

The marketing spend generates a sale: guaranteed
If you properly structure and measure your affiliate programme you can guarantee that you only pay for sales, improving your marketing ROI.

Reach new markets
Using a well placed affiliate you can take your business to a completely new market with very limited risk. The chosen affiliate promotes your product or service and message at no cost to you and they get revenue if the campaign is a success. If the marketing message or market are not quite right you will find out and the overall cost of the campaign will be very low. Any sales generated, now or in the future, are a bonus!

Increase brand awareness
Get your brand mentioned and promoted in more places to increase customer recognition. This can increase direct or branded SEO traffic to your site or app, particularly when an affiliate marketing campaign is carried out in conjunction with social media, SEO, PPC and email marketing.


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