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How to do SEO with Joomla!

How to do SEO with Joomla!

Joomla! is one of the most used CMS when building dynamic websites.

A website aims to advertise a project, an idea, a company or another and for this reason must be visible and easily detectable by users of the web.
We can make your website visble using Joomla! SEO, allowing its natural positioning in search engines SERPs. In this first article dedicated to Jomla! SEO, I want to give some tips that will deepen in later articles, in prder togive you the possibility to make visible your website using Joomla! SEO.
To achieve this, you have to choose the right words and use them for your Joomla! website (as we shall see): This includes the choice of words and their implementation in the HTML structure of Joomla! site;
Improve Joomla! SEO setup: Configure SEO settings using special components and appropriate patches, choose the right template and edit its parameters;
Create 'search- friendly ' content: Use the right keywords in the right place, produce optimized pages. Build a section with a blog on your Joomla! website, this is a good way to get more indexed pages in the search engines;
Track your progresses: Use Google Analytics on your Joomla! website and analyze the collected data to improve the keywords and the structure of the site, this allows to improve its indexing;
Promote your website: Get more inbound links in order to have more traffic to your site and thus improving the search rankings.
If you carefully follow the advices given in this article, you will improve the chances of your site to appear more often in search engines, getting more visits on your pages.
What are you waiting? Start right now planning your SEO strategy. When you will have completed this step you will have your SEO ready to work for you, and you wil be ready for the next step.

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