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Buzz and Viral Marketing

Buzz and Viral Marketing

Buzz and Viral Marketing, or simply buzz, is a term used in word of mouth marketing

that is the interaction between the consumers and the users of a product or service that thanks to this strategy amplifies the initial marketing message, a vague but positive association, a quote or anticipation about a product or service.

A positive buzz often favors public relations and advertising on Web 2.0 Viral Marketing. The term refers both to the execution of the marketing technique and to the results coming from it. Examples of products which are advertised through viral marketing or buzz marketing were: Harry Potter, Volkswagen New Beetle, Pokémon, Beanie Babies, and the Blair Witch Project.

The term "buzz marketing", originally referred to the oral communication, but in the era of Web 2.0, social media such as Facebook and Twitter are also used to implement buzz marketing or viral marketing strategies.
Many companies monitor the buzz marketing or viral marketing of their products online, because it`s very important for them to analyze the buzz surrounding a product before committing to the market.

Buzz marketing or word of mouth marketing is a viral marketing technique, whose goal is to generate conversations between people towards a particular brand or product.

Although for this type of activity new terms as"buzz marketing or viral marketing" also in the web marketing are used, it is a concept as old as the world, existing in the field of communication ever since.

Buzz marketing or viral marketing is closely connected with social media marketing, infact in order to generate buzz marketing or viral marketing all social channels available online are used.
Do you need a buzz marketing or viral marketing strategy? Contact us soon.

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